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Boston Red Sox Release Third Baseman Pablo Sandoval After 2-Seasons

Three years after signing a 5-year, $95 million dollar contract with the Boston Red Sox, the Red Sox finally pulled the plug on Pablo Sandoval, designating him for assignment.

Pablo Sandoval never brought his San Francisco Giants days over to the Boston Red Sox and essentially did more harm than good for the Boston Red Sox. Over the past 2-seasons, Pablo Sandoval played in 35 games (33 games this year and 3 games last year). It seemed like every year camp opens up one of the most frequently asked questions arose about his weight. Weight issues cost him the starting role in 2016 and he would go on to miss the entire season due to shoulder surgery, but also bettered himself in losing 15 pounds during his rehab process.

This season, Pablo Sandoval won the starting third baseman role, but lost his starting position when he went on the disabled list with an ear infection back in late June. After the All-Star Break and with the Red Sox set and stone with Deven Marrero as the starting third baseman, the Red Sox decided to pull the plug on Sandoval. Likely headed for the free agent market, Pablo Sandoval should generate interest among teams, but don’t expect to get blown away with Sandoval going forward on a consistent basis.

Update: The Boston Red Sox will eat the majority of Sandoval’s contract. Sandoval is due $50 million dollars through 2019. 


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