Oklahoma City Thunder Acquire Paul George From Indiana Pacers

The Paul George offseason saga storyline swerved us all as he was dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For weeks there was a lot of rumors coming from Paul George’s camp as he was interested in parting ways from the Pacers following his contract at the end of next season and play for the Los Angeles Lakers. As time went on there were rumors of him possibly joining up with Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston but trade talks with Houston were put “on hold” and Oklahoma City, out of left field, ran in and gave a trade that benefits both sides.

The addition of Paul George to Oklahoma City gives them a solidified “BIG 2” but the only thing is that they are missing is that big addition to getting a “BIG 3” back in OKC. Oklahoma City is out of the running for Blake Griffin as he decided to return to Los Angeles and stay with DeAndre Jordan so the Thunder are now looking at different avenues to bring in help. The Thunder will be meeting with Zach Randolph this week in hopes of getting to join Westbrook and George but bringing him in will be a tough task as he has a handful of suitors after him.

If Paul George does indeed stay with the Thunder following the 2017-2018 season in due time the Oklahoma City Thunder could be a lethal team like they once were when Kevin Durant was in town.


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