Bibiano Fernandes On His Future In Mixed Martial Arts

After defeating Reece McLaren at ONE: Age of Domination back in December of 2016, we have not seen Bibiano Fernandes defend his Bantamweight Championship.

Today I had the honor of speaking with Bibiano Fernandes as we had a quick chat about his current state with ONE Championship, MMA career, the UFC and his future in the sport as a whole. Bibiano Fernandes is currently riding a 12-fight win streak which started before he joined ONE and he was with Dynamite.


Justin David Kish: Bibiano, you are currently the reigning ONE Championship Bantamweight champion. You last fought back in December 2016. What is your status right now and do you have anything coming up soon?

Bibiano Fernandes: I am always training and trying to improve my skills and stay disciplined. I possibly have a fight coming later this summer. I have resigned with ONE another 3-year contract. 

Justin David Kish: You finished your fight contract with ONE Championship back in December and you are currently on the free agent market. Can you share with me what promotions have offered you a contract to fight?

Bibiano Fernandes: I had several offers from other organizations, but I chose to stay with ONE because I believe in what they do and where they are going. They also gave me an offer that suits me best.

Justin David Kish: For a while now you have dominated the ONE Championship bantamweight division. I always felt that you move back up to featherweight should be something to consider. Would you want to return to featherweight or do you still have a lot of unsettled business at bantamweight?

Bibiano Fernandes: Fighting at Featherweight is something I’ve considered, I would be up for the challenge if the conditions were right. As of now I am still fighting at bantamweight and there are always new and up on fighters who want to take my belt.

Justin David Kish: You are currently 37 years old, and at one point you were linked with the UFC back in 2012. Is the UFC still on your radar to sign with and get a fight with the promotion?

Bibiano Fernandes: I have no interest in UFC at this point in my career. There are a lot of complaints from the fighters, even the champions about how there are treated and not appreciated or compensated for what they bring to the organization. For me to work for any job and have to respect and admire my boss. Today I have a lot of respect for my bosses, Chatri and Victor of ONE championship. They are great men.

Justin David Kish: Do you have any super fights you wish to have before the conclusion of your career?

Bibiano Fernandes: I don’t have anyone in mind at this point but I am open to whatever comes my way.

Justin David Kish: Lastly, what are your plans following your fighting career? Do you plan on taking on a coaching role and staying active in the sport or go down another avenue?

Bibiano Fernandes: I want to share my knowledge with others so yes I plan on doing some coaching, hopefully opening my Dojo one day.


Author: Justin Kish

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