With Corey Kluber making his way back into the rotation the Indians had to make the decision to move someone and Salazar was the odd man out of the rotation.

Danny Salazar was that odd man out as he has been struggling all season, so maybe a role in the bullpen will help turn his season around. To start the season, Danny Salazar was put into the starting rotation and every other week he struggled to keep it together where he was bouncing off wins and losses every other time he was out. This season Danny Salazar is 4-5 and holds an awful 5.50 ERA in 10 games this season.

With Danny Salazar being transferred out of the rotation, Corey Kluber will start this Thursday and the rotation should follow up with Carrasco, Tomlin, Bauer and Clevenger.

Written by Justin Kish

Welcome to 365SportsNetwork.com, my name is Justin Kish and I am the owner and operator. I am the head news writer as well as podcast host for "365 Sports Network Radio". Interested in writing or any other media related questions please email me at JustinKish@365SportsNetwork.com or search me on Instagram at @JustinKishSports and follow me on Twitter for daily tweets @JustinDavidKish.

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