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Florida: Ex-Notre Dame Quarterback Malik Zaire Transfers To Florida

After months of deliberating and weighing in all offers, Malik Zaire has rumored to have chosen Flordia to finish out his college career.

During his transfer process, Malik Zaire has traveled to so many schools ranging from Wisconsin to North Carolina. Malik Zaire was looking for a school that will give him a better opportunity to start and fits his style of play. Malik Zaire is a dual-threat quarterback and will be joining a Doug Nussmeier’s multiple offense scheme that has started a number of pro-style quarterbacks the last few seasons, it will be an interesting transition for Nussmeier.

With the decision of Zaire heading to Flordia seem to be concrete, there is only one problem, Flordia probably won’t be able to get him due to the new SEC transfer rules. The rules are that a university graduate transfers do not meet requirements, the school cannot take any transfers for three years. Now here comes the Gators case, two Gators players, Anthony Harrell and Mason Halter did not meet SEC requirements. This really puts Flordia at risk of not being able to acquire Zaire.

We will stay on top of this news, keep on coming back to this section for more information on Zaire.


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