Minnesota Vikings Sign Wide Receiver Michael Floyd

He is headed home! a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Michael Floyd‘s lone interest on the free agent happens to be his hometown team the Minnesota Vikings.

Michael Floyd’s phone this offseason was now blown off the hook due in part of the concern of his off the field issues stemming from his final days with the Arizona Cardinals. Micahel Floyd was arrested for DUI in December 2016 and was waived by the Cardinals the following day just to be claimed the next day and become a non-factor in the Patriots Super Bowl winning season.

This offseason Floyd was punished with 124 days of house arrest among community service and time in Maricopa County Jail but it sounds like he completed his physical jail time and is finishing his house arrest so joining the Vikings will be on a bit of a delay.

Michael Floyd joins a Vikings team which is stacked top-to-bottom with talent from Stefon Diggs, Laquan Tredwell, Adam Thielen and Jarius Wright. Michael Floyd could be a guy that could come into Vikings and get a whole lot more red zone reps from the Vikings 2016 1st round selection Laquan Tredwell who was a non-factor in his rookie season.

Michael Floyd’s contract is really on a tryout basis as it is for one-year, $1.5 million but he could earn well up to $5 million dollars in incentives.


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