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Rangers Josh Hamilton Undergoes Another Knee Procedure’s Texas Rangers beat reporter T.R. Sullivan announced on Twitter that outfielder Josh Hamilton has undergone another knee operation earlier this morning.

In the last year Josh Hamilton has been no stranger to operations. With this latest operation earlier this morning it marks his fourth operation in the last year and three months. T.R. Sullivan would continue to go and say that Hamilton will be on rest for six weeks before he is able to start running but baseball related work has yet to be determined.

At age 35, Josh Hamilton has accomplished a lot in his career from being a 5-time MLB All-Star, AL Batting Champion and being an 3-time Silver Slugger Award winner. The only thing that Josh Hamilton has yet to accomplish in his career and that is getting that World Series ring and that is probably the reason why he has yet to hang up his cleats. Josh Hamilton should always think about his long term health first and being injury prone late in his career retirement could be lurking soon for the former AL Batting Champion.

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