2017 NFL Draft: Reggie Mitchell, Pittsburgh Panthers

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Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Reggie. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Reggie Mitchell: My name is Reggie Mitchell, a 22 year old defensive back from Pittsburgh, PA.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh this past spring and received my Bachelors of Business Administration.  I am currently a grad student at Pitt pursuing my M.B.A.

Justin David Kish: During your college career you played for the Pittsburgh Panthers. Tell us about your time with the team?

Reggie Mitchell: My time here at Pitt has been one huge unforgettable experience.  I’ve played in some of the greatest atmospheres and have built some of the best relationships with my teammates throughout the years.

Justin David Kish: During your tenure with the Panthers you coached by defensive coordinator Matt House and Josh Conklin. What was the transition like having to switch coordinators and how did they improve you as a player during your tenure?

Reggie Mitchell: The transition from Coach House to Coach Conklin was pretty smooth.  Coaching changes are always difficult but it really depends on how quickly you can learn the new system.  Coach Narduzzi’s defense was pretty simple to learn and Coach Conklin made sure we knew the entire scheme like the back of our hand his first spring with us.

Justin David Kish: Playing the ACC you faced tough competition against Miami, Duke and North Carolina. What is one game that really took you to your limits and brought out the best in you?

Reggie Mitchell: My Sophomore year against Virginia Tech is one game I remember getting pushed to my limit.  I took about 100 snaps without coming out of the game.  The last drive of the game they took two deep shots on me and completed one of them. It was the most tired I’ve ever been at the end of a game.  They tried me deep again the last play of the game and I broke the pass up.  That’s when I truly learned how to fight through adversity.

Justin David Kish: Being a defensive back you are tasked with covering some of the nations best wide receivers. What was one receiver that was a tough challenge for you and how did you fare?

Reggie Mitchell: Mike Williams from Clemson is one of the best wide receivers I’ve ever played against.  They targeted him three times against me in that game.  He caught two short passes against me and I broke up a deep ball they tried throwing to him.

Justin David Kish: During your time with the Panthers you created a number of memorable memories with your brothers. What is one memory that sticks out from the rest?

Reggie Mitchell: Beating #2 ranked Clemson at Clemson on their senior night 43-42.  That was one of the greatest days of my life so far.  We worked so hard that week in practice and it was great seeing our hard work pay off.

Justin David Kish: What does it mean to be a Pittsburgh Panther?

Reggie Mitchell: A Pittsburgh Panther is a person who understands the value of hard work both on and off of the field and a person who will never back down from any challenge no matter how big it may be.

Justin David Kish: You are now shifting your focus on the 2017 NFL Draft. How are you preparing for the event and who are you working with in preparation?

Reggie Mitchell: I am currently training with 2/10ths Speed and Agility ran by Dewayne Brown and Von Madden right here in Pittsburgh.

Justin David Kish: How do you standout from the rest of the defensive back prospects heading into the 2017 NFL Draft?

Reggie Mitchell: I think what makes me stand out is my versatility.  I’ve played corner, nickel, and both strong and free safety positions throughout college.  For example, in the Clemson game I played both safety spots and nickel.

Justin David Kish: What is one aspect of your game do you consider your biggest strength?

Reggie Mitchell: One aspect of my game I think is my biggest strength is my knowledge on the field and understanding of the defense.  Studying our playbook has helped me be able to make plays and play so many positions because I know what each position on the field is doing.

Justin David Kish: What is one area of your game you are continuing to improve?

Reggie Mitchell: I am always working on my coverage and tackling technique.  I just feel like that is an aspect of every defensive backs game that should always be worked on.

Justin David Kish: What were your on the field responsibilities in college?

Reggie Mitchell: Being on time for every meeting, lift, and practice while also expecting to be a leader on the field. As a safety I was expected to get our secondary into the right coverage check every play.

Justin David Kish: How was your chemistry with your team in college?

Reggie Mitchell: I had a great chemistry with our team.  I can truly call each one of my teammates a brother.  The relationships I’ve built with my teammates are ones I will cherish forever.

Justin David Kish: In the next couple of questions I am going to put you on the spot. My first question. If you could compare yourself to any current professional football who would you compare yourself to and why?

Reggie Mitchell: I think I am pretty similar to Micah Hyde, DB for the Packers.  He plays a variety of different positions on the field just like I do.  I think I have a pretty similar playing style to him also.

Justin David Kish: My final question. If I was an NFL General Manager why should I draft Reggie Mitchell?

Reggie Mitchell: You should draft Reggie Mitchell because he will do all that is asked of him in order to win.  Whether it is on or off of the field, he is a dependable and hard working man who would do nothing but try to help better your organization.

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