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Possible MLS Expansion To San Diego? Stadium Rendering Released

Qualcomm is the place where the San Diego Chargers used to play before they relocated to Los Angeles this offseason. At this precise place, a group looking to bring MLS to San Diego would build a new stadium.

Qualcomm vice chairman Steve Altman and FS Investors founder Mike Stone are part of the investor group that an offer for an MLS expansion and at the same time propose to build a multi-purpose stadium on Qualcomm Stadium site. The deadline of cities for expansion proposals is January 31th so the proposal comes just 8 days before. Which is pretty late for that kind of proposal.

The stadium would be shared between an MLS team and the San Diego state university football team. It will cost around $200 million dollars and the stadium will be able to accommodate 40,000 people which is a lot in MLS. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in a statement that he looks forward seeing the final plan.

The USMNT will play Serbia in friendly on Sunday so it’s maybe a little test to see how is the soccer fascination in San Diego. Don Garber will probably watch that game carefully. The commissionaire spent a lot of time down there probably to analyze and talk to the investment group. So that is an exciting concept that could welcome an MLS expansion team to San Diego.

So we will see what happen next in this case but San Diego isn’t the only city that have made a proposal bid for an MLS expansion. St-Louis (that previously lost the Rams to LA), Sacramento, Detroit, Cincinnati, St-Petersburg area and more… Many city’s have already made a bid for an MLS expansion team or are interested in bringing one so the whole thing isn’t already snapped for San Diego.

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