Cowboys DB Brandon Carr To Consider Retirement This Off Season?

Mandatory Photo Credit: Parker Anderson (Flickr)

Following the conclusion of what was one the best divisional playoff games in NFL history, Dallas Cowboys defensive back Brandon Carr said that he will consider retirement during the off-season.

In an interview with The Dallas News. Brandon Carr said “I’ve been thinking about it sometime, Then I think about what am I going to do. Don’t make too much of it. I’m probably just hungry right now, get some food in me, might feel better, get some of Jerry’s macaroni and cheese or something.

Some are considering this as a bluff as Carr was not happy with some of the calls thrown his way during the divisional round. At the age of 30, Brandon Carr continued to have another productive season with the Dallas Cowboys. Carr finished the season with 53 tackles (8 assists) and had one interception on the year.

Brandon Carr is set to become a free agent at the conclusion of the season and we can all say that he is expected to get a lot of interest in free agency. Brandon Carr’s name will be added with teammate Morris Claiborne, A.J. Bouye, Prince Amukamara, Malcom Butler in a list of free agents this off season. This is of course he decides to continue playing.

Justin’s Thought: Personally, I don’t think he is going to retire. Brandon Carr is due to land a solid contract in free agency after coming off another solid season in Dallas. Dallas is brewing something special for the coming future and hopefully Carr continues to play at a solid level. If Carr returns to Dallas he will continue to become an excellent veteran defensive back for what could be a draft where the Cowboys could add multiple defensive back pieces.


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