2017 NFL Draft: Lucas Wacha, Wyoming Cowboys

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Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for time today Lucas. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself for the fans who are not familiar with you? 

Lucas Wacha: I am Lucas Wacha I am from Texarkana, Texas I played high school football at Pleasant grove in Texarkana. I received a scholarship to Wyoming to play Linebacker and started for 4 years at the University of Wyoming.

Justin David Kish: You played your college football career at Wyoming. Tell us about your experience playing at Wyoming?

Lucas Wacha: Wyoming was great place to play football. You get the summer months of training that are not too hot but also get the really cold winters that are sometimes fun to play in. Wyoming I made tons of great relationships that I will have forever. 

Justin David Kish: During your time at Wyoming you were coached by defensive coordinator Steve Stanard. How has Coach Stanard and the rest of the Wyoming coaches improve you as a player? 

Lucas Wacha: I actually was coached by Robin Ross my first two years at Wyoming in the Christensen Era. Then when Coach Bohl came Stanard came with his staff for the remainder of my 3 years, but I liked coach Stanard he helped me grow as a player and helped me with discipline but as a player he helped me with what film study actually is and how to break down other team’s film. To study the film a just know them inside and out. He taught me a bunch of mechanics of the Linebackering game.

Justin David Kish: Playing in the Mountain West Conference you have played against tough competition. When you go back through your career which team really pushed you to your limits?

Lucas Wacha: In the Mountain West, Boise and San Diego State were probably the two toughest teams we played in conference. They always had guys that were really good and could push out the best player in you.

Justin David Kish: During your tenure at Wyoming you have made lots of memories. Can you please share with us one of your all-time favorite memories with the Cowboys?

Lucas Wacha: My all-time favorite memory…Wow that’s a tough one but beating CSU this year was definitely one to remember and how we beat them was an awesome feeling.

Justin David Kish: To you what does it mean to be a Wyoming Cowboy?

Lucas Wacha: Being tough and being able to grind everything out even when times get tough. Look to the guy on your right and look to the guy on your left and you know he’s going to be right there with you when the time gets hard.

Justin David Kish: With the College Football season wrapping up all prospects focus are now focused on draft preparations. What are your early preparations looking like so far?

Lucas Wacha: Well, I am about to head out to this NFLPA game in Los Angeles to play in the senior bowl, but for the last two weeks I have been in Las Vegas training at a facility called Phase 1 sports. They are helping me train and get ready for the pro day I am going to have in Laramie. So after the game I will return back to Las Vegas and start to train again for the pro day. 

Justin David Kish: When you are watching game film on yourself what are some things you look for?

Lucas Wacha: Feet, eyes (keys), and hustle if you complete all three of those things you will be around the ball every time. 

Justin David Kish: What are some of your strength and weakness’s if you can give us a quick mini scouting report on you? 

Lucas Wacha: I would say some Strengths would be my eyes and the way I play the game with passion, also my film study I believe I watch a lot of film and understand what teams are going to try and attack us on. Leadership I believe I have excelled in at Wyoming. Weakness is my punches and getting off blocks when they do engage on me.

Justin David Kish: The next couple of questions I am going to put you on the spot. My first question, if I was an NFL GM why should I draft Lucas Wacha?

Lucas Wacha: Because he loves the game of football and he is going to do everything he can to help the football team get to a Super Bowl.

Justin David Kish: My next question. If you could compare yourself to any current NFL linebacker who would you compare yourself to and why?

Lucas Wacha: Luke Kuechly – Smart, Plays will so much passion and is a leader.

Random 5 with Lucas Wacha

Do you have any guilty pleasures? No, I do everything for a reason no regrets.

What is your Super Bowl prediction and winner this year? Packers.

Who do you think will become this year’s NFL MVP? Aaron Rogers.

Who is the best NFL linebacker? Brandon Marshall or Deone Bucannon: Brandon Marshall.

Best NFL linebacker of all-time? Mike Singletary or Ray Lewis? Ray Lewis.

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