2017 NFL Draft: Javante O’Roy, Texas State University

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Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for time Javante. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself for the fans who are not familiar with you?

Javante O’Roy: I was born and raised Sacramento, Ca by my parents Andre and Shannon O’Roy. I am the oldest of my siblings Jordan, Samantha and Jaelen. I tore my ACL in HS which led me down the path of junior college. I randomly decided to up and move to San Diego for junior college unsure how I would be living but I decided to take a chance and it worked out and led me to where I am today.

Justin David Kish: During your college football career you split time at both the community college and FBS level. You played community college ball at Palomar College and at the FBS level with Texas State. Please tell us about your experience playing for both and what was the transition like transferring from CC to FBS?

Javante O’Roy: I had a great time in my collegiate career at both the community college and FBS level. Each place brought about its own achievements and struggles. But the one thing I’ll always cherish at both levels is the friendships and brothers that I have made along the way.

Justin David Kish: During your tenure at Texas State you played under the teachings of Randall McCray and Jules Montinar. How have both coaches played an impact in your career and the way you play football today?

Javante O’Roy: Both very smart coaches who harp on great technique, tendencies, and what to expect pre-snap coming from the offense. Both coaches helped give me the knowledge to excel.

Justin David Kish: During your tenure at Texas State you played against some tough competition. What was one team or one game that really took you to your limits?

Javante O’Roy: There was a lot of good competition we faced but one game that pushed me to my limits didn’t necessarily have to do with the skill of another team but the relentlessness of our team against theirs. The 3OT win against Ohio tested many players to play through extreme fatigue and exhaustion to come out with the win.

Justin David Kish: As an defensive back you covered some of the best receivers in college football. Who was toughest receiver you had to cover?

Javante O’Roy: One of the best receivers I faced in my time at TXST was against Robert Davis of Georgia state. WR that has a good combination of size, speed, hands and disciplined route running.

Justin David Kish: You created so many great memories with your fellow brothers at Texas State. But is there any one memory that you cherish the most that you can share with us?

Javante O’Roy: TXST

Justin David Kish: With the college season officially over the focus now shifts over to the NFL Draft. What are you currently doing to get ready for your Pro Day and all upcoming draft events?

Javante O’Roy: I just finished up at the college Gridiron All-Star game in Dallas this past week. Now I am in the process of leaving to San Diego for a while to train for the upcoming pro day.

Justin David Kish: When you are watching your game film what exactly do you look for?

Javante O’Roy: When I’m watching game film I look for how many turnovers and big plays I can make within the scheme of the defense. As well as my man to man technique and where I can improve as an individual. As a whole defense I look for who is responsible for what within the scheme of the defense.

Justin David Kish: What are some of your strength and weakness’s?

Javante O’Roy: My strengths are that I am versatile on the field. Through my high school and college career I’ve been able to play many positions at corner, safety, nickel and in the box at will LB on some packages. And that comes with the ability to play in space, be physical, speed and some film study along with a few other attributes. One weakness that I have is by playing many different positions on the field I am undersized for a few of them but it is made up for by my physical play and ability to play in space.

Justin David Kish: The next couple of questions I am going to put you on the line. My first question, if I was an NFL general manager why should I draft Javante O’Roy?

Javante O’Roy: If I was a GM and I were to be drafted I think it would be because of my versatility, ability to make plays in open space, knowledge of the defense and understanding what offenses are trying to do.

Justin David Kish: My next question, if you could compare yourself to any current professional football player who would you compare yourself to and why?

Javante O’Roy: Since junior college I have been compared to Tyrann Matheiu because of the way I ply on the field. Similar to him I have been able make plays both in the pass and run game, or even on special teams. And I can create turnovers through interceptions or forced fumbles.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Javante and good luck going forward.

Random 5 with Javante O’Roy

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream.

What is your Super Bowl prediction and winner? Patriots-Cowboys with Cowboys winning.

Who do you think is the NFL MVP for 2016? Ezekiel Elliot.

Who is the best defensive back in the NFL: Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman? Pat P. hands down

Who is the best all-time defensive back in the NFL: Champ Bailey or Rod Woodson? Rod Woodson

Javante O’Roy Highlight Package

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  1. Javante’ O’Roy has a great heart for his family, friends, classmates and his game–Football! He is very articulate and has high goals to always be and do his very best both on and off the field. He is faithful and always shows up the the job! Given the opportunity,
    you will always receive his dedicated best!


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