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Free Agent Greg Holland Seeking 2-Year Contract & Opt Out Clause

According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, former Kansas City Royals and current free agent pitcher Greg Holland is looking for an two-year contract with an opt out clause if he is signed.

Greg Holland has been a pitcher of interest after he recovered from his Tommy John Surgery and started to begin pitching activities. It was back in November where Greg Holland held a showcase where he pitched in front of MLB teams. Among the teams were the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

We are now two months out from his showcase and he still remains a high name on free agent boards but still remains out there in free agency. It currently remains up in the air if the teams that were interested in Holland during his showcase are still interested but with the recent development of his contract demands and coming off TJS will put a damper on the interest of potential teams.

We will provide more updates on the free agency saga of Greg Holland just keep checking back with us for more.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Flickr)

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