2017 NFL Draft: Miquiyah Zamora, Eastern Washington Eagles

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Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Miquiyah, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself for the fans who are not to familiar with you? 
Miquiyah Zamora: I’m Miquiyah Zamora. I was born in Moses Lake, Washington, but I grew up in Pasco, Washington. I played football at Chiawana High School under Coach Steve Graff, and was a 3 sport athlete playing basketball and baseball as well. I’ve always spent most of my life on the east side of Washington.
Justin David Kish: You have played your college ball at Eastern Washington University. You stood out as one of the best defensive players in the conference. Tell us about your experience playing for Eastern Washington.
Miquiyah Zamora: It’s been a great experience. I’ve been able to create relationships with guys that I truly consider my brothers. I’ll definitely miss it, being on the field and being around the locker room with them, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the world. It’s a good feeling all around when you get that chance to suit up with young men that have worked just as hard you. 
Justin David Kish: During your tenure with Eastern Washington you were coached by Beau Baldwin (head coach) and Jeff Schmedding (defensive coordinator) what did you learn under them and how have they improved your game today?
Miquiyah Zamora: You know, I’ve learned so much from them it’s hard to pin point one exact thing. I will say though, Coach Baldwin has such calm and confident demeanor about himself that will bring other people’s confidence up. I’ve always wanted and tried to put that in my game. I can say the same about Coach Shmeds, he brings such competitiveness to the game, that when he gets it going, all you want do is compete.
Justin David Kish: When you take a look back at your college career you played against top teams like Cal Poly, North Dakota as well as Weber State. What was one team and one game that really took you to your limits?
Miquiyah Zamora: The one game that pushed me to my limit, I would have to say, was in 2015 when we played Weber State. There was just no quit in either team, and at any given play the game could have went either way! But also Cal Poly is another great team, they are good at what they do, and their interior linemen can move really well. They get up on you fast too, so you know when you play Cal Poly it’s gonna be a dog fight.
Justin David Kish: When watching film of yourself what do you look for when your watching?
Miquiyah Zamora: When watching film, I’m consistently trying to get better. I’m usually keying in on my alignments and checking my hand placement when I’m trying to get off block. I also watch my tackling and how I can improve that. I always like to watch my D-Line, and learn their tendencies when we run different fronts and stunts. 
Justin David Kish: The 2017 NFL Draft has an interesting class of linebackers, what makes you stand out from the rest?
Miquiyah Zamora: You know, for me personally,  I believe my best ball is yet to be played. I might not be the strongest, and maybe not the fastest, but I got heart and savy football mind. I don’t think you can teach that.
Justin David Kish: Before we go forward, when you look back at your time at Eastern Washington what is one memory you will cherish that you can share with us?
Miquiyah Zamora: There is so many memories on the red, my favorite would have to be Weber State in 2013. It was my first start and I got an interception on the same play that I was watching the night before on film. I remember when I caught it everybody was getting excited, and someone came out of nowhere and drilled me in my chest, it was our safety Allen Brown. I was trying to laugh but I couldn’t breathe!
Justin David Kish: To you what does it mean to be an Eastern Washington Eagle?
Miquiyah Zamora: It means a lot to have that title, for the simple fact that I got to be apart of a program that carried itself with class and tradition. I’m so happy to be apart of what this program has accomplished in the last 5 years.
Justin David Kish: Your road to the National Football League is now underway, what are you currently doing to prepare yourself for your Pro Day and other draft related activities?
Miquiyah Zamora: Well as of right now I’ve just been training hard and getting some drill work in. I realize that I’ve been blessed with a opportunity that most people don’t get in their life. So to me, I just want to be the most prepared as I can be. I believe it’s gonna take an intense amount of training and I’m willing to push myself there.
Justin David Kish: The next couple of questions I put prospects on the spot. My first question is, if I was an NFL GM why should I draft Miquiyah Zamora?
Miquiyah Zamora: I think you should draft me because I’m a tough kid, from a small school, and I think the sky is the limit for my potential in the NFL. I just keep head down, work hard, and I believe that’s when the best things happen.
Justin David Kish: My next question is, if you could compare yourself to any current day professional linebacker who would you compare yourself to and why?
Miquiyah Zamora: honestly I don’t think I can compare myself to anyone. They are professionals for a reason. So until I earn that right and I’m able to call myself a professional I gotta say nobody.
Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Miquiyah good luck during your draft journey.
Miquiyah Zamora: Thank you.

Random 5 With Miquiyah Zamora

What is the most embarrassing song on your Ipod: Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball

Any guilty pleasures? Chocolate

What is your Super Bowl prediction and who wins it? Dak and Zek Cowboys!!  But I’m always rooting for Seattle

Best current NFL Linebacker: Derrick Johnson or Luke Kuechly: Kuechly

Best all-time NFL Linebacker: Ray Lewis or Lawrence Taylor: Ray Lewis

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