2017 NFL Draft: Lawrence Elliott, Bloomsburg Huskies

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Justin David Kish: Thank you Lawrence for your time. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself for the fans who are familiar with you?

Lawrence Elliott: My name is Lawrence Elliott Jr. I am from Upstate New York from a city called Utica the “315”. I have two younger sisters Maya and Malainah to set a great example for. I attend Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania which I’m pursuing a degree for Digital Forensics where I competed by playing football for four years. I am considered a hybrid and versatile player in which I played RB, WR, KR, PR for four years while competing for Bloomsburg.

Justin David Kish: You played your college ball at Bloomsburg in Pennsylvania. Tell us about your experience playing for the Huskies?

Lawrence Elliott: My experience as a husky was one of the best things I’ve experienced in my young life and I’m thankful for every second of it. I had the opportunity to play with some great players and witnessed what it took to be great or strive to be. I also had the opportunity that I took a lot of pride in is to inspire others to elevate their minds and work ethic with the game of football and translating it to others things in life. The bonds and relationships I’ve obtained over these four years I couldn’t be more thankful to have met some of the people I did and sharing bad, good, great moments on and off the field. 

Justin David Kish: During your tenure at Bloomsburg you were coached by Keenan Chesnick and Paul Darragh. How have both of these coaches really helped improve your game today?

Lawrence Elliott: Newly running back coach in my senior year was Keenan Chesnick previously Offensive Line and Tight End Assistant Coach. His knowledge of understanding how the blocking schemes and plays were designed with him previously breaking it down everyday. He helped me understand the bigger picture and scheme of things with vision and reading rushing holes much better. This helped me become a better player and it helped me take a step towards helping the younger players much more with better understanding of everything going on with every play. Head Coach Paul Darragh was mainly defensively geared but he challenged me to do better off the field and lead the others players especially younger ones. 

Justin David Kish: The Bloomsburg Huskies play in the PSAC. The PSAC holds some tough competition in Kutztown, West Chester as well as Shippensburg. What was one school that really took you to your limits?

Lawrence Elliott: They were all great and tough competition I enjoyed every battle every single year. West Chester forced you to bring your “A” Game every time you played them especially going to their field very tough place to play. They pushed me to my limits every single year from freshmen to senior year but they forced the best out of me and for that I thank them graciously.

Justin David Kish: When you take a look back at your career at Bloomsburg what is one memory that you cherish that you can share with us?

Lawrence Elliott: My senior day having my parents by my side and it all concluding realizing I will never play college football again. The Bloomsburg Husky experience coming to an end and playing your final home game as a Husky and there is nothing you can do about it at all. Being emotional before kick off standing with my parents starting to cry not because it’s over and I won’t play again. Tears of joy, thankfulness, gratefulness for every experience that I’ve came across during my time playing. A relief I have zero regrets about my time playing and that I did everything I needed to do to become a complete player and impact younger players coming behind me. 

Justin David Kish: To you what does it mean to be a Bloomsburg Huskie?

Lawrence Elliott: To me a Bloomsburg Husky is a individual that is always striving to take things to another level and never being happy or content with what’s expected. Always to create opportunities to inspire others to be better and uplift each other. 

Justin David Kish: You are now headed onto the next level and that is the NFL Draft. With the College Football season wrapping up as a whole here pretty soon what is your draft preparations looking like so far?

Lawrence Elliott: Right now, it’s looking how I expected with the path I took since high school after deciding to attend Bloomsburg University. That is knowing I have to work harder and smarter to create opportunities that will benefit me and my family to increase my chances to playing at the next level. Working to improve my body physically and becoming more polished complete player and remaining versatile, hybrid, and multi talented. 

Justin David Kish: I want to put you on the spot for the next couple of questions. My first question is, if I was an NFL GM why should I draft Lawrence Elliott?

Lawrence Elliott: 3 reasons to draft Lawrence Elliott would be 1) versatility with receiving and rushing ability, 2) adaptability to different schemes which I can fit in majority of them while being very valuable, and 3) Willingness to be part of a team and do whatever it takes and understanding that. 

Justin David Kish: My second question is, if you could compare yourself to any current NFL or CFL player today who would you compare yourself to?

Lawrence Elliott: I would have to say Le’Veon Bell because of the receiving ability, the ability to make people miss, and most importantly the ability to take games over by racking up yardage and wearing down defenses while not being affected by hits. 

Thank you so much for your time Lawrence good luck with everything!

Random 5 with Lawrence Elliott

Most embarrassing song on your Ipod? You and Me by Disclosure which is a pretty good song but much different genre than others on my phone.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Binge watching HBO or Netflix Movies or TV Shows.

What is your Super Bowl prediction and who wins? Steelers and Cowboys. Steelers

Better quarterback to not win a ring: Dan Fouts or Dan Marino

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  1. Cuz I am praying for you and your Dreams come true that you play in the NFL. I know with GOD on your side anything is possible just keep the faith stay encourage. Because I believe in you no matter what life brings


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