Brandon Vera ONE FC 49 Pre-Fight Interview

Prior to defending his ONE Championship heavyweight title against Hideki “Shrek/Big Body” Sekine at Age of Domination. Brandon “The Truth” Vera joins me for a quick pre-fight interview. In the following interview with Brandon Vera, we cover topics like his preparations for his fights, his yearlong layoff from MMA, his gameplan and a quick prediction on how the fight will go down.

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Justin David Kish: Hello champ thank you so much for your time, how are things going for you today?

Brandon Vera: All things are good. Just getting ready for the fight.

Justin David Kish: On December 2nd, you will be defending your heavyweight championship in the main event against Hideki Sekine. How has preparation been going for the fight?

Brandon Vera: It’s going well. I’ve been training with the best coaches and I have Alliance MMA gym as my training camp.

Justin David Kish: Since winning the inaugural heavyweight championship back at Spirit of Champions in 2015, you have taken a long layoff from fighting. What have you been doing during your year-layoff?

Brandon Vera: I’ve been so busy in the Philippines since we’ve moved that I don’t think it’s even hit us that we’ve moved yet… been doing stuff for movies, stuff of the Philippines, stuff for my citizenship. But also I’ve been training hard.

Justin David Kish: Like I mentioned before you will be fighting Hideki Sekine. What do you know about Sekine?

Brandon Vera: Mr. Hideki Sekine-san is a huge dude with an amazing jiu jitsu pedigree. He’s rolled against some of the best guys in the world…I know that he’s submitted 3 people and has knocked out the rest. One of his submissions has been a knee bar and that in itself is impressive because to grab a knee bar in MMA isn’t impossible but it’s a really high level move to pull off during an MMA fight because there are so many things that can do wrong.

Justin David Kish: All fight camps are different on how you approach things, did you approach anything new in this camp?

Brandon Vera: I am making sure that I’m in shape, I’m on point, I’m fast, I’m explosive and that all my defenses are correct if we do hit the ground. Preparing to show him what I’ve got on ground too.

Justin David Kish: Looking at Sekine’s fight game he has both knockout power and ability to submit an opponent, how are you going to address his standup and ground game?

Brandon Vera: I would say his weakness is going to be his size. He’s huge a dude. If we go past the first and second round I’m going to expect his mouth to be open and his heart to be beating through his eyes. I am looking forward to all the little things he’s going to mess up on and I hope to pressure him into making a mistake on.

Justin David Kish: With the heavyweight division relatively new to the promotion and you being one of the founding fathers of the division. Do you have any background information on any new possible additions to the division?

Brandon Vera: My dream is to train more Filipinos to be in the division, to become future champs.

Justin David Kish: Before we let you go, we wanna ask you, what is your gameplan heading into your fight?

Brandon Vera: I’ve seen him he’s a giant monster. He has a lot of power. For him to be so strong he’s going to have to be slower than me. So in my game plan I need to stay fast and stay quick and stay out of his range for his power.

Justin David Kish: Lastly, can you give us a prediction on how your fight against Sekine will go down?

Brandon Vera: This is my first title defense. And I am fighting one of Japan’s living legends. Everybody calls him Skrek. Not just because he looks like Skrek but because he’s built like Skrek. He’s a giant Oger. promise Shrek it’s going to be a good fight. I promise you’re going to see an in shape, fast, wanting to finish Truth.


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