Ted Dibiase Jr. Returning To In Ring Action This Winter?

It has been confirmed that the Dibiase Posse is coming back to wrestling, it was announced by Pro Wrestling Ego that they have added Ted Dibiase Jr. to their event lineup.

The former WWE Tag Team champion has been away from professional wrestling since 2013 where he retired to spend more time with his family. In the meantime, during his retirement he took a executive position job with a college textbook e-commerce website while still working with his charitable foundation, Ted DiBiase Foundation.

As it stands right now there we don’t know if this will just be a one-off return or if he will be returning to wrestling full time. We should know more once he makes the announcement that he will take Indy bookings or not.

Ted Dibiase Jr.’s return is set for December 3rd and he will be headling the PWE: Last Call show with Odinson and Jon Davis. You can find the event poster and more information on the event by clicking here.

Author: Justin Kish

Welcome to 365SportsNetwork.com, my name is Justin Kish and I am the owner and operator. I am the head news writer as well as podcast host for "365 Sports Network Radio". Interested in writing or any other media related questions please email me at JustinKish@365SportsNetwork.com or search me on Instagram at @JustinKishSports and follow me on Twitter for daily tweets @JustinDavidKish.

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