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Roy Nelson Suspended 9 Months For Push-Kicking John McCarthy

Do you all remember when Roy Nelson kicked John McCarthy after that late stoppage against Antonio “Big Foot” Silva? Well we now what his suspension will be.

Court president Marcelo Sedlmayer Jorge has announced that he has suspended Roy “Big Country” Nelson 9-months due to kicking referee John McCarthy but the punishment can be reduced if Nelson issues a public apology for the post-fight incident. For those who have not seen the incident I have enclosed a video below showing what Roy Nelson did.

As seen in the video above many have been asking the question, should Roy Nelson should be suspended? On a person note, I think that he should have got suspended but a nine month layoff is a bit to much. There has always been the rule since day one that you do not put your hands on the referee regardless the incident or outcome of the fight. Roy Nelson broke this rule and should be suspended for his actions.

Dana White spoke about the situation on the UFC Unfiltered Podcast saying.

“You can’t apologize for that, You don’t ever, ever put your f**king hands on a referee … or your feet, for any reason what so f**king ever. He needs to be buried. He went over there and put his foot on his ass to push him. Was flipping him off and yelling at him. You wanna flip a ref off … there’s never, ever a situation where you put your hands on a f**king referee. Ever. You can’t apologize for that.” 

This situation kind of sounds like the situation of former UFC fighter Jason High. Jason High was cut from the UFC after shoving a referee following his premature stoppage in a fight against Rafael dos Anjos and it cost him his job at the UFC. I think that is kinda unfair that High lost his job and won’t be allowed back in the UFC but Nelson will be allowed to remain with the promotion. It’s just overall a very sticky situation.

Roy Nelson (22-13 MMA) was in a much win situation in the fight against Big Foot as he was riding a 2-3 record heading into the fight. Nelson has yet to respond about doing a public apology but we should here some soon. Keep on checking back in this developing story.


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