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Shane Carwin Teasing A Fight With RIZIN This Year?

In a cryptic tweet on his official Twitter account, Shane Carwin has teased the masses for a potential fight with the promotion.

The image was posted on Saturday morning and more information was released on Sunday that Carwin accepted a fight with MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko. Shane Carwin continued on the subject saying he accepted the fight with Fedor but he predicts that Fedor will probably not fight again.

Both Carwin and Fedor legends in the sport of mixed martial arts, Fedor, just look up his MMA career and for Carwin he is a former UFC Heavyweight champion. Shane Carwin announced back on October 15th that he is coming out of retirement to fight again and after his management was able to get his release from the UFC he is now an official free agent. Shane Carwin recently took part in an interesting boxing match against Jason Ellis in which Carwin won with one arm tied behind his back. Could Carwin make the jump from MMA to boxing?

I want to say that I would love to see this fight happen, if it took place a few years back. Fedor Emelianenko in his last fight against Fabio Maldonado should remain as his last fight in his career. I am not meaning to bash the legend but Fedor is a shell of his former self and it would not make much sense for him to take the fight, what is he fighting for against Shane Carwin? Again, no disrespect to either fighter. I just think there is nothing much to prove for Fedor in MMA he is one of the greatest fighters to ever grace a cage but if he wants to continue fighting at age 40 it should only be BIG MONEY fights and a bout that could add to his historic career.


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