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Blake Barnett’s Transfer A Disappointment In NFL Scouts Eyes?

It was 24-hours ago when Alabama quarterback Blake Barnett decided that he will transfer from the program and pick up playing some place else.

Blake Barnett’s decision has came with a ton of disapproval from fans and even NFL Draft Scouts. According to’s Rainer Saban, former Chicago Bears college scout Greg Gabriel said that Barnett’s decision to transfer from the school will haunt him. Now this is a pretty interesting quote as a ton of scouts are really pushing Blake Barnett and he is only a red-shirt freshman. Blake Barnett opened up the 2016 season as the Crimson Tide’s starter at quarterback but was later pulled from the game opener in favor of fellow freshman Jalen Hurts. Barnett has not started a game since week 1 vs. USC but has been seen in small bits of action in games vs. Western Kentucky and Kent State.

With Blake Barnett now searching for a new school to resume his College Football career and the media has been all over this story and have even given potential destinations. Some schools that have been mentioned as key interest are UCLA, Barnett’s original commit Notre Dame, LSU and Oregon are among the list. The thing to understand from this is that if Barnett transfers to a FBS level school he will have to sit out a season due to transfer regulations. It will be interesting where Barnett will choose as his new home. We will have you covered on this developing story.

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