“The Big Guy” Ryback In Talks With Bellator MMA?

Yes the title of this piece is true, this topic has been a trend on many pro wrestling fan sites, MMA sites and global sports sites. Former WWE superstar Ryan “Ryback” Reeves is currently in talks to join Bellator MMA.

It was not to long ago that Ryan Reeves left World Wrestling Entertainment as he was sent home from the promotion after issues on his expiring contract was coming to an end and the WWE was not offering the contract that he wanted. Ryan Reeves posted on his social media account Tumblr saying that he left the promotion due the WWE not having equal pay for the wrestlers and creative issues were also mentioned in his article. Reeves last day on his contract with the WWE came this past August, August 3rd.

With Ryan Reeves a new man and no longer under the WWE banner, he is now able to go out and venture new opportunity’s and MMA is a unknown passion of his. Digging deep into this story it looks like Ryan Reeves is following the route former co-worker/rival Phil “CM Punk” Brooks did after he left the WWE, he signed with a professional MMA promotion before having any MMA experience. If this is the route that Reeves want’s to head then who is stopping him? If he is really thinking about wanting to challenge for the Bellator heavyweight title then he will have to change almost everything around. One of the biggest things he will need to find is the right camp, being based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, maybe Las Vegas Combat Club where fellow heavyweight’s Frank Mir and Heath Herring train could be a shot and working with Ricky Lundell could benefit Reeves in a big way down the line in his MMA career.

This is a move that can be a hit or miss thing for Bellator MMA kinda like with CM Punk in the UFC, I think Bellator will try and find someone close enough to Reeves o-o record in MMA but it will be a tough task as you don’t see a ton of rookie heavyweight fighters with an 0-1, 1-0 or 2-0 record. It will take sometime for a fight to develop plus I think it would be in his benefit that Reeves takes at least a year or year and half to get into MMA shape and learn some of the arts of MMA, that will be the best thing for him.


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