Andrew Leone ONE FC 45 Pre-Fight Interview

At ONE Championship 44: Heroes of the World, ONE FC flyweight Andrew Leone gets his shot at the current interim-ONE FC flyweight championship against Adriano Moraes. I had the opportunity to get a chance to speak with Andrew on his upcoming fight against Adriano and his preparations for the fight.

Justin David Kish: Thank you so much for your time Andrew, how are things going for you today?

Andrew Leone: Day was good it’s been a great week.

Justin David Kish: You will be competing in the headliner of Heroes of the Worlds against Adriano Moraes. But this bout is like no other, it is for the interim-Flyweight title. How are your preparations going for the bout here in the early stages?

Andrew Leone: Training with my coaches and teammates everyday. The subba brothers, Tiffany, Donny Aiman and Anthony and all the other guys going after it each day in the gym. Everyone’s got big fights coming up.

Justin David Kish: Now being in a title shot situation it is a shot to go all out on this training camp. Do you plan on bringing in anyone special for this training camp?

Andrew Leone: New guys are always coming in to do there training camps but our team is pretty stacked, tons of high level guys grinding. People come to Bali to train we don’t need to bring in anybody else.

Justin David Kish: What do you know about Adriano Moraes?

Andrew Leone: Not too much, was there when he fought Yussup a few years ago.

Justin David Kish: Are you a fan of watching film on your opponent and if you do what have you seen on film so far from Adriano?

Andrew Leone: I don’t usually watch too much video on the guys I’m fighting. I focus more on what I’m gonna do.

Justin David Kish: What are some techniques you plan on strengthening-up as you prepare for your fight against Adriano Moraes?

Andrew Leone: It’s another big fight, were always training there’s not much that will be different.

Justin David Kish: Before we let you go can you give us a prediction how your fight with Adriano will go down?

Andrew Leone: It’s a fight anything can happen, but I’m visualizing a fourth round finish and my hand getting raised.

Justin David Kish: Thank you for your time Andrew we really appreciate it and good luck.

Andrew Leone: Check out everyone and see you in Macau!

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