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WWE Signs Former New England Patriots Offensive Tackle

It has been confirmed that the WWE has signed former North Carolina Tar Heel and former Texans, Jaguars and Patriots offensive tackle Brennan Williams.

From body builders to now former professional football players. The WWE over the past couple of month’s have signed former NFL players as Williams is the latest to have signed a developmental contract. It was not to long ago that we heard that the WWE signed former Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Babatunde Aiyegbusi. Aiyegbusi has yet to appear on NXT house shows or NXT TV so he is still developing his skills in the ring and such.

Unlike Aiyegbusi, Williams has already been developing his in-ring skills after being cut by the New England Patriots in October of 2015. Williams has been wrestling for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling under the ring name Marcellus Black. It is not yet known if NXT will completely re-package Williams into a whole new superstar or they will allow him to remain with the Marcellus Black character.

Let’s see how Williams works with the WWE, the WWE developed former NFL players Baron Corbin and Mojo Rawley then hopefully Brennan Williams can be that superstar to continue the trend.

Photo Source: New England Patriots Website


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