Yoshitaka Naito ONE FC 43 Pre-Fight Interview

Prior to his championship match at ONE Championship 43: Kingdom of Champions against current ONE Strawweight champion Dejdamrong Amnuaysiroke, I caught up with his opponent and number one contender, Yoshitaka Naito.


Justin David Kish: Thank you for taking the time Yoshitaka, how are you currently preparing yourself for this fight against Dejdamrong?

Yoshitaka Naito: I trained with a muay thai coach who taught me how to deal with Muay thai elbows and clinches. Also discussed my game plan.

Justin David Kish: Was there anything new about this training camp than any other ones in your past?

Yoshitaka Naito: Practiced escaping soccer ball kicks.  Focused on adapting to one rule.

Justin David Kish: What are your thoughts on Dejdamrong Amnuaysiroke as an opponent?

Yoshitaka Naito: Dejdamrong is a lumpinee champion and I respect him for being able to fight until his current age.

Justin David Kish: Are you a fighter that watches film on your opponent? If so what have you seen on film on Dejdamrong that you will pressure come fight night?

Yoshitaka Naito: I always watch my opponent’s video. Dejdamrong  is so experienced, he knows the timing to finish the fight so I must be always focused and prepared during the fight.

Justin David Kish: Before I let you go what are your predictions for this week’s fight?

Yoshitaka Naito: It will be his retirement fight. I will submit him for good.


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