Tim Lincecum Contract With Angels Is Now Official

Tim Lincecum has passed his physical with the Los Angeles Angels today and his deal with the team has been finalized.

Instagram media by angels.nation - Happy Sunday!! It's time for the dreaded #TimLincecum Season Review!!! . 🔺Oh Timmy. With rotation injuries piled on, Arte Moreno decided that not Yoenis Cespedes, but former 2-time CY Young winner who was coming off of career threatening surgery was the "guy" to put the Halos over the luxury threshold. He was signed mid-May, and everyone was all excited to not only see The Freak return to the majors, but to see him in Anaheim. I was excited too, but I was cautiously optimistic. ▫️Everyone thought he could emerge into at least a No.3 and possibly a No.2, which was a qualified expectation considering the dominating Triple-A starts with the Bees. I wasn't overly confident and had him shaping up into an inconsistent No.4 right around Weaver's level (at the time) ▪️The Freak had a HIGHLY anticipated return to the mound on June 18, throwing an impressive 6 IP, 4 H, R, 2 BB, 2 K outing on 98 pitches. It seemed promising to where I even began the Happy Lincecum Day hashtag on game days, however as we all know it was a steep, steep downhill from there ▪️Lincecum was DFA'd August 6 after 8 extremely terrible, quite cringeworthy starts where the Angels hoped he could morph into a reliever. That experiment didn't work out and he was not brought up during the roster expansions despite some decent outings in AAA . 🔹Timmy is a free agent and quite honestly, I think his career is done and over with barring a one day contract with the Giants. It's a shame such a marvelous player's legacy was tarnished in his 9 games with the Angels, because I really enjoyed watching Lincecum dominate in my early baseball days. Good luck to whatever future baseball endeavors that are in store for you Tim, and despite a terrible run, thank you for signing with the Angels

Tim Lincecum is making his way back to the majors after having a pitching session last week and the Giants and Angels were noted to be front runners. Lincecum likely chose the Angels over the Giants due in part of the team giving him a shot in the rotation as the Giants likely wanted him in the bullpen.

The Angels are currently a mess in their rotation as they are dealing with injuries with C.J. Wilson, Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney. It is likely that Lincecum will head down to AAA-Salt Lake City to get a couple of minor league starts before getting the call. Lincecum will likely be used as a backend of the rotation guy.

Image Credit: @Angels.Nation On Instagram


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