2016 NFL Draft: Brett McMakin, Northern Iowa University

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Justin David Kish: Thank you Brett for taking the time to do the interview with us. For the fans who don’t know much about you can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Brett McMakin: I’m Brett McMakin from Overland Park Kansas, played football at Northern Iowa. My Major was exercise science with a minor and coaching and I enjoy watching and playing nearly every sport.

Justin David Kish: How was football first brought to your attention?

Brett McMakin: My parents noticed how broad and tall I was and thought football would be a good sport for me in the future.

Justin David Kish: Who were some of your idols growing up?

Brett McMakin: Micheal Jordan and my mom.

Justin David Kish: What was Youth Football like growing up?

Brett McMakin: I still remember back to the times I was playing running back during Youth Football and how fun it was.

Justin David Kish: You played High School Football at Blue Valley West High School, what was your experience like playing at Blue Valley?

Brett McMakin: As far as I was playing at BVW we never broke .500 on a season but that doesn’t show all of the life lessons and how many people I got to call my brothers over the years.

Justin David Kish: Did you experiment with playing any other position than your natural linebacker position?

Brett McMakin: Yeah in High School I was actually a Defensive end. I think I finally found my natural position at linebacker.

Justin David Kish: What was some of your favorite High School Football memories?

Brett McMakin: Getting up early in the summer for workouts and grinding them out with my team.

Justin David Kish: After High School comes College Recruitment. What was your College Recruitment like? Who was interested and what made you sign your LOI with NIU?

Brett McMakin: I was recruited by multiple Missouri Valley Football teams including UNI, NDSU, SIU and SDSU. I chose UNI because it was the right fit for me and it just felt right to be there when I visited.

Justin David Kish: What was your transition like from playing High School ball to College Football?

Brett McMakin: It was different I had to redshirt which took a lot of patience from me being used to playing every down. But I also had a big position change and that gave me a lot of time to practice at my new position.

Justin David Kish: You had a fantastic career at Northern Iowa can you please tell us about your career with the team?

Brett McMakin: it was great playing for such a prestigious program that already had a tradition of winning was really special for me. It really brought a new perspective to the game and I found my enjoyment of winning here.

Justin David Kish: You played under the coaching’s of Jeremiah Johnson, how did Coach Johnson’s teachings better you as a player?

Brett McMakin: Coach JJ better me as a player on and off the field. I can’t say how special he is to me in words but he’s always been there for me. He helped me a lot with understanding the defense and It will be easier to translate my football IQ onto the next level.

Justin David Kish: When you look back at your college career which school really took you to your limits?

Brett McMakin: NDSU was always going to get my best no matter what.

Justin David Kish: You declared for the 2016 NFL Draft, how are you currently preparing yourself?

Brett McMakin: I’m training with Justin Kavanaugh in Chantilly Virginia getting my body healthier and stronger to ready it for the NFL.

Justin David Kish: What are some of your strength’s that makes you stand out from the rest of the prospects in the draft?

Brett McMakin: My speed with my frame is probably one of my strengths and my ability to make plays and get to the QB.

Justin David Kish: I have interviewed FCS and DIV-II and III athletes and I always ask them do you think that playing at a lower level that you are at a disadvantage because you did not play against FBS level teams on a regular?

Brett McMakin: I’m not at a disadvantage because I played into the Missouri Valley Football Conference. Our conference can probably compete in FBS and our stats against FBS prove it.

Justin David Kish: Have you spoken to any NFL teams? If you did what teams have you spoken to so far?

Brett McMakin: Yes I have spoken to a few but I think I will keep them confidential for their sake.

Justin David Kish: If you compare yourself to any current day NFL player who would you compare yourself to and why?

Brett McMakin: Clay Matthews because of his versatility and how he can play inside and outside linebacker.

Justin David Kish: If I was a NFL GM why should I draft Brett McMakin?

Brett McMakin: Because everyone in the NFL has the talent to be there but I’m going to give that extra effort that separates good players from great ones.

Justin David Kish: Before we let you go Brett is their any advice you can give High School Football athletes wanting to play College Football?

Brett McMakin: All I have to say is that with hard work and a good head you can do anything you set your mind to. Just keep grinding and always get back up.


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