2016 NFL Draft: Devin Threat, University of Incarnate Word

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Justin David Kish: Thank you Devin for taking the time to do the interview, for the fans who are not familiar with who you are please tell us a little bit about you? 

Devin Threat: I’m just a small town guy from Mexia,TX, (pop. 7,000), brought up on values like hard work and honesty. I was born and raised there and lived there my whole life with my family. I have 3 brothers; Tim, Taylor, and Dustin. My parents are Debra Isham and Shane Threat. I always got great grades even through high school and ended up ranking 10th in my graduating class (2011). I love playing football obviously, and also pick-up basketball whenever I get the opportunity. I listen to rap and hip-hop, and I like to watch series on Netflix like Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black.
Justin David Kish:  How did football first been brought to your attention? 
Devin Threat: My Dad always told me that if I didn’t play football then I couldn’t live under his roof. So that’s pretty much where it all began. I started playing Pop Warner around the age of 7 or 8 and the rest is history.
Justin David Kish:  Do you model your game after any football player? If you do who and why?
Devin Threat: I really like how a couple of NFL O-Lineman play; Logan Mankins and JR Sweezy. They have that kind of nasty demeanor that I love and try to emulate on every snap. They are both very sound in the passing game, and in the run game they play with a pissed-off mentality that is necessary in the trenches. 
Justin David Kish: You are a offensive lineman, did you experiment with any other positions over the years?  
Devin Threat: I always wanted to play tight end in high school, given that I was 6’3, 225lbs at the end of my sophomore year. But being that my high school ran a spread offense and we didn’t use that position, I accepted my fate of being an offensive lineman. The only time I played another position was my senior year in high school when I started on both sides of the ball at LT and DT.
Justin David Kish:  You went to college at Incarnate Word, you primarily playing left guard and left tackle. Would you be open to moving to center in the NFL or is playing guard/tackle where you feel at home? 
Devin Threat: When I first got to UIW, I took over the staring spot at left tackle as a freshman. I played that position for two years and ending up being an All Conference selection my sophomore year. Then my junior year I bumped down to left guard, which ended up being my favorite position I had played. But my senior year, the starting center had to undergo shoulder surgery and I had to bump down again and start at center. So in the end I am glad that I got to play all the positions on the line,(at least on the left side), and I contribute that to my athleticism which separates me from the rest of the pack of free agents. I would definitely play center in the NFL but my preference will always be at left guard.
Justin David Kish: For the majority of your career you protected quarterback Trent Brittain, what is your relationship like with Trent?
Devin Threat: Trent and I aren’t as close as we would have been because of his injuries that limited his play. My senior season he actually broke his ankle on the 7th or 8th play of the first game, so from then on my focus was on establishing a good relationship with our back up quarterbacks. By the end of the season our starting quarterback was actually our 4th string QB when the season started.
Justin David Kish: Tell us about your football career at Incarnate Word? 
Devin Threat: I was very blessed with the opportunity to play at UIW given that no other school was willing to take a chance on the small town lineman who weighed about 250 pounds. By that time the following year I was about 285 pounds and still hadn’t lost a step of quickness. I think it was just that I hadn’t fully developed in high school and that’s all college recruiters are looking for as far as recruiting high school offensive linemen is height and especially weight. I think that if had graduated just one year later I would have gotten looks from FBS schools but I made the best of my situation and started working my butt off day in and day out. Playing at UIW was tough at times being that I was used to being part of a winning program. UIW started playing football in 2009 so the team is still relatively young even now. I won a total of 11 games my whole career there which isn’t a stat that I’m proud of. Granted we were playing in the Lone star conference which is probably the toughest D2 conference out there and then the Southland Conference in 2013 which is no pushover either. But I was blessed to start almost every game I played there even as a true freshman. I earned All-Conference honors and even All-American Honors my senior year. I played in an FCS Senior Showcase in South Carolina and then the USA College Football Bowl in Jackson, Mississippi. 
Justin David Kish: What was some of your favorite memories with Incarnate Word? 
Devin Threat: Beating our rivals, Abilene Christian University, with a game winning sack fumble on our turf after they had blown us out earlier that year. Playing in Cowboys stadium my sophomore year. And flying up to North Dakota State to play them while being featured on ESPN College Gameday.
Justin David Kish: You are now currently on your way to the National Football League, how is your early perpetration going so far? 
Devin Threat: I’m really just focusing on my training more than anything. I have to make sure my play can back up my words. I’m considering going a different route to the NFL by utilizing this new league, Major League Football. From what I’ve researched, it is being run by all former NFL executives, coaches, and players such as Herm Edwards. I think that might give me the best opportunity to get my name and play out there in front of NFL scouts, who will be at every game.
Justin David Kish: Now it say’s on your Facebook page NFL/CFL free agent, have you spoken to any NFL or CFL teams? If so can you share with us who? 
Devin Threat: Currently I am not in communication with any teams, which I can understand being an OL at a small school my name and film needs to get around more and then where it is now.
Justin David Kish: Who have you been working with during the current draft process? 
 Devin Threat: My trainer Diego McClain and his company here in San Antonio, Sparq Grind Time Performance.
Justin David Kish: If you could compare yourself to any NFL player who would you compare yourself to and why? 
Devin Threat: Logan Mankins mainly for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
Justin David Kish: What do you consider to be your biggest strength when you look at your game film? 
Devin Threat: My footwork is what sets me apart from the rest. I was coached by an ex-NFL offensive line coach in Tony Marciano who always stressed footwork day in and day out. I was taught how to take steps like they do in the pros rather than being taught the generic zone footwork that is primarily used in college and high school.
Justin David Kish:  What is one thing you are currently working on to get better at in order to up your draft stock? 
Devin Threat: Just self-marketing really. Doing everything I can to let teams know that I exist and can contribute at the next level.
Justin David Kish:  Before we let you go is there any advice you can give to High School Football players who want to play College Football? 
Devin Threat: I would say commit to the position you want to pursue at the next level and buy in to the lifestyle required, the diet, the weights, the footwork. Scholarships don’t just land in your lap, you have to go earn it, on and off the field.

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